Car Handling

World Freight Logistics has many years of experience in the field of international relocation’s – this is now one of our specialist areas. Another specialism we have developed is the transport of cars. Our knowledge of exactly what is involved in the import and export of cars is without peer. One of our main activities is organizing the import of cars and motorbikes from the US and Canada. Working with an extensive network of partners, we can pick up a car from any location in North America. We find the nearest port for shipment and then arrange for container transport together with other cars to Rotterdam.

We provide a door‑to‑door service. If necessary, we can also arrange payment for the purchase of your car through our network of partners, so that you can be sure that you actually get what you ordered. We can also insure your car/motorbike at an attractive premium against all kinds of irregularities which could occur during transport, such as fire, theft or damage to the vehicle, including dents or scratches.

As soon as we have purchased the car/motorbike in America, we take photos to record the state of the vehicle.We do all the paperwork for you, both in America and on arrival in the Netherlands. The great advantage of working through World Freight Logistics is that you only pay on delivery. There is therefore no need to transfer money for the transport – and therefore no delays. You give us your instructions and we do the rest. Of course, we provide a clear statement of the costs in advance, giving you certainty and avoiding unpleasant surprises later on. And did you know that only 6% Dutch VAT is payable on cars aged thirty years or over in the Netherlands? This means, in other words, no import duties and no higher VAT rate.

To summarize, we provide the following services:

The possibility to delegate payment of your purchase in North America, thus reducing your risk

  1. The transport (plus loading) from the location of origin to the port
  2. Customs formalities and documentation in the country of origin
  3. Loading the car and appropriately securing it in the container for its passage by sea
  4. Sea transport
  5. Unloading in our warehouse in Rotterdam
  6. Import and customs formalities in the Netherlands (valid anywhere in the EU)
  7. Delivery of the car to your door anywhere in the EU
  8. Any transfer of the car to third parties
  9. Transport insurance

In short: a total service for importing cars and motorbikes.