Project Cargo

In addition to handling regular cargo, WFL is also experienced in handling ‘project cargo’, i.e. special odd-sized or odd-shaped freight. This is no problem if you know how and where to look for info on:

  • Weight, height, width, length limits, centre of gravity of the piece;
  • Special equipment requirements, such as a mobile or floating crane, and the required SWL;
  • Special multiple-axle chassis for over-high/over-weight piece, and loading/unloading spreader;
  • weight limits and allowable route and passage permits from authorities;
  • Bridge support en route and other civil construction works;
  • Official escort and private property protection;
  • Shipping carrier’s facilities and stevedoring capability;
  • Loading/discharging port facilities and safety measures;
  • On-deck and under-deck stowage;
  • Supplementary dunnage/skid/hook for final delivery/erection at plant site and extra cargo protection;
  • Transit time.

Only when you know all this can you calculate a proper rate and provide an accurate quotation (and that still does not include cargo insurance and transport liability).

Project cargo with odd dimensions (see photo of outsized crate going from the Czech Republic to Malaysia, handled by WFL) requires special technical support and weight specifications for loading/unloading arrangements in view of the height and less-than-optimum packing conditions.

In short, not a job for just anybody.